Dare you play this No Man's Sky mini-game?

Visit the bases, collect the secret codes, and uncover the last destinations!

Trace the adventures of Doc Mateo Keroual through the fragments of his travel journal

Follow his incredible discoveries through the most remote star systems of the galaxy, his encounters with strange beings, and his challenges to overcome the deadliest dangers

Four destinations, four fragments to find, to help us locate Doc Mateo Keroual!


Immerse yourself in the cosmic adventure alongside Mateo Keroual in No Man's Sky: explore uncharted worlds, solve ancient puzzles, and unveil the secrets of the lost cities!

Join Mateo on his epic quest and become the hero of your own interstellar journey. Explore, survive, and triumph at the edge of the universe alongside Mateo Keroual, your fearless guide in No Man's Sky!

😎 First city : Urbis Ruinas ➡️