4 - Lacus Palacio

Planet Luttun Majeur, System Chungb, Euclide

A perfectly pleasant planet :)
Discovered by player Bibi.8181, also known as "Bibigun, the King's Jester"

My first impressions of this planet are remarkably similar to the views of the Lake Como region. The lush green mountains and crystal-clear lakes are breathtakingly beautiful. I am soaring above the surroundings, observing the hills and valleys beneath me.

I am eagerly looking forward to discovering the lost city of Lacus Palacio, which must be hidden somewhere in these mountains.

Now, I stand on the cliff, gazing at the magnificence of the lost city of Lacus Palacio. The ruins stand before me, majestic and imposing. The towering structures and the temple, with their crumbling columns, harken back to a distant time when this city was the center of life and culture on this planet.

And then, there is the palace delicately built on the edge of the lake, reflecting its splendor on the tranquil waters.


After admiring the ruins from the cliff, I entered the tallest tower, likely the centerpiece of what once was a grand edifice. But alas, I quickly realized that I had fallen into a trap.

The descent was dizzying, seemingly endless. The walls of the tower flashed before my eyes, and I felt the pressure of the air against my skin. Finally, I reached the bottom, violently thrust into the lake. The impact was so intense that I momentarily lost consciousness.

When I opened my eyes again, I was underwater, my head submerged beneath the surface. I panicked, desperately trying to reach the air above.


I struggle to stand up, leaving behind the lake into which I had fallen. Wide-eyed, I am horrified by what I see: stone spheres hurtling towards me!

Their trajectory is unpredictable, and their impact would surely have been fatal if I hadn't swiftly dodged their movements.

I stand before this majestic temple, surrounded by darkness. I am ready for the challenge that awaits. I press the first button, and the temple illuminates with a brilliant light. It is magnificent.

I begin to explore the surroundings, searching for clues to guide me towards the next buttons. I scour dark corners, examine walls and ceilings, and even the floors. I am looking for any signs, any hints that can lead me to the solution.

I venture into the crypt beneath the temple. Inside, I am greeted by the smell of dampness and mold. The room is dark, but with my torch, I spot a large basin. Inside, a corpse plated in gold.

It is written :

Here lies His Majesty JAKALA, father of ALIOS, son of TRUGBI.

Emperor, King of the Geks and Minor Geks of Gewish, the fattest of the First Spawn, the annihilator of Korvax Prime, the most pungent child of the vats of Balaron, the greediest Merchant Lord, benevolent master of a million Korvax slaves, the SCOURGE of the OUTER EDGE.


This is tangible proof that all these cities, all these riddles, had a connection to Alios. It was an incredible discovery, a confirmation of my wildest hypotheses.

...Protector of the Gek People, Guardian of Tradition, Defender of Faith, Conqueror of Worlds, Sovereign of Planets, Master of Galaxies, Grand Architect of the Empire, City Builder, Creator of Legends, The Wise, The Just, The Merciful, The Magnanimous, The Venerated, Lord of War, Master of the Art of Strategy, Commander of the Great Army, The Most High, The Most Mighty, The Most Noble, The Most Wise, The Beloved, The Lion of War, The Pillar of the Empire, The Star of Justice, The Founder of the Golden Age, The Heir of the Gods, The Pillar of Civilization, Protector of Gewish Borders, Master of Gewish Wealth, Guardian of Gek Traditions, Defender of Gek Honor, Sovereign of the Minor Geks...

Indeed, it is amusing to note that the title engraved on Jakala's tomb is probably longer than most books I've had the opportunity to read.

I'm not sure how such a title would fit on a business card, but one thing is certain: it would be hard to forget someone with such a long and impressive title.

Perhaps Jakala needed all those titles to compensate for something? Or maybe he was simply proud of his long list of achievements? We will never know. "It's none of our business*

... Conqueror of the Stars and Sovereign of the Planets, Guardian of Gek Knowledge and Protector of the Ancient Heritage, City Builder and Grand Architect of Worlds, Supreme Commander of the Armies and Victor of All Battles, Protector of the Arts and Letters, Patron of Culture and Creativity, Peacemaker, Arbiter of Conflicts and Mediator of Nations ...

By activating the temple with the buttons, I understood that it would unlock access to the palace located on the edge of the lake. So, I quickly set out to make my way there.

The doors awaited my arrival to open. The drawbridge unfolded, allowing me to enter without difficulty. I wonder what wonders lie inside this building.

I plunged into the crystal-clear waters of the underwater cave and swam through colourful coral formations and shimmering schools of fish. Soon, I arrived at a series of submerged ruins.

I was rewarded with the discovery of a precious fragment and a handful of hidden treasures. Among them, I found a strange hologram that recounted a part of the story of Alios the Rapacious. It was fascinating to see the events unfold before my eyes, as if I were witnessing the scene.

Before me stood a living and active atlas, breathing underwater. I couldn't help but feel both amazed and slightly frightened at the same time. Its body seemed to be composed of an unknown material, shining with a strange red and blue glow. 

My quest to find the fragments has finally come to fruition. After exploring ancient ruins and lost cities, I managed to gather the four fragments. Upon examining them closely, I realized that they formed a precise stellar address, accompanied by a four-digit code. I believe this code is necessary to open a door, just like in Torovilla.

I am convinced that these lost cities once belonged to the Empire of Alios, son of Jakala. The imperial titles engraved on the tombs are proof of the extent of their reign. I am awestruck by the grandeur of their empire and their wealth, which allowed for the construction of sublime cities and majestic temples.

Now that I have all the fragments, I feel both excited and anxious. What will I discover by using this stellar address? What lies behind this door? I hope it is not something too frightening or dangerous.

One question remains: I discovered three Atlases in the cities (Urbis Ruinas, Glakoppidum and here), or at least what was left of them. Did Alios need these cosmic entities to fulfill his dream of immortality?

I must find a Portal and make my way to my new destination as quickly as possible. I hope Louis Black-Eye hasn't beaten me to it.

... Lord of conquered worlds and submissive galaxies, First among the First, sovereign of sovereigns, Guardian of the Intergalactic Throne and the scepter of the Empire, Master of war and stellar conquests, The Wise who united peoples and races under his banner, King of Geks, Sub-Geks, and all creatures of the universe, The Just who brought peace and prosperity to his people, The Great Builder of cities and colossal monuments, Protector of Faith, Tradition, and Culture of his empire...

⬅️Glakoppidum 👾 Alios➡️

* "It's none of our business" is a famous French sketch ("Cela ne nous regarde pas", by les inconnus,1991) about sport commentators telling details of private lives of athletes, punctuating their incredible indiscretions with a "It's none of our business!"