SkyFoot Stadium

Planet Resleyto Tau, Nawalis system, Euclid

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stadium position : 5,24 / 11,65


Each team's objective is to score three consecutive goals to win the game.

However, there is a special rule: each goal scored cancels the progress of the opposing team.

For example, if Team A scores a goal, Team B must start again from zero in their progression towards the three goals needed to win.

If Team B then scores a goal, Team A must also start over from zero.


It is important to note that if a team scores a fourth goal, it will reset the goal counter for both teams. Thus, each team will once again need to score three goals to win the game.

3 to win, or nothing !

SkyFoot in No Man's Sky, I hope, become a popular entertainment for space travellers and can be played in many different locations throughout the game's universe.

I will publish the plans and electrical diagram soon!
- had, june 2023