A game in NMS ? How does this work ?

A mini-game in No Man's Sky, created by had.sh!

Follow the itinerary of Dr. Mateo Keroual to explore the archaeological sites he discovered

Try to find him by collecting the 4 secret codes! Take on all the challenges and stay vigilant!


You are about to embark on an incredible adventure, following in the footsteps of Dr. Mateo Keroual, a fearless explorer who discovered four forgotten cities in space.

However, since he left these cities to explore a secret destination, we have not heard from him !

We need your help to find him!


To do so, you will have to follow Dr. Keroual's itinerary, which will guide you through the lost cities he discovered

Each lost city is a mini-game with its own rules and challenges to overcome. You will need to be ready to face complex puzzles, avoid deadly traps, and confront hostile sentinels

At the end of each mini-game, you will discover a secret code to keep! !

Indeed, you can only access the final secret destination if you collect the codes. These codes will unlock access to Matéo Keroual's last discovery, and perhaps help find him!

We hope you are ready to take on the challenge and explore the lost cities of No Man's Sky to help find Doc Keroual. Good luck, and remember to stay vigilant!


Visit the bases, collect the secret codes, and uncover the lasts destinations, and more !!!