5 - Alios the Rapacious

While exploring his palace, I finally discovered the truth about the Emperor. In a hidden secret room, within the underwater cave, I found a holographic recording that detailed his history.

The Emperor had become obsessed with the idea of living forever and had begun experimenting with nanites. However, these nanites were unstable, and the Emperor eventually lost his sanity, descending into a murderous madness.

The end of the recording was unsettling: the Emperor died by falling into the nanite well, consumed by his own greed. The cities he had built were ultimately abandoned, leaving behind fragments of code and mysteries that had endured through the centuries.

This discovery made me reflect on the madness of greed. The Emperor had sacrificed everything that mattered to him in his pursuit of immortality and ended up losing it all. I continued on, but with newfound wisdom: that greed was a madness that would only lead to downfall.

I am wealthy. it's ironic, isn't it? Alios left millions in solid gold behind.


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