2 - Torovilla

Planet Toro, Hector System, Euclid

The sentinels are corrupted
Extreme storms
Extreme hot temperature
No sentinel pillar

After leaving Urbis, I embarked on a new journey aboard my spaceship. My destination was Toro, a planet located in the Hector system, in the Gewish region, still in the 3rd quadrant.

I focus on the instruments of my spacecraft, adjusting the trajectory to avoid the asteroids crossing my path. I am amazed by the beauty of the universe that surrounds me, but also aware of the dangers present within it.

I mentally prepare myself to land on this unknown planet, wondering what awaits me on Toro. What mysteries will I uncover, what dangers will I face? But I am driven by a thirst for knowledge and an insatiable curiosity, ready to face any challenges that come my way.

After several days of space travel, I finally reached my destination: Toro, an arid and inhospitable planet with flamboyant colors. At first glance, the landscape appears desolate, populated only by sentinels torn from the Atlas. The immense reddish canyons that emerge on the horizon offer a breathtaking sight.

I ventured into this barren land, letting my steps guide me through the arid landscapes. I traversed the ridges of the canyons and crossed stretches of scorching sand, scanning the horizon for clues. But for now, nothing seems to be unfolding.

However, I remain optimistic. I am convinced that this place holds hidden secrets, mysteries to unravel. I will continue to explore every corner of this planet, hoping to find answers to my questions.

I stayed there, scrutinising the bottom of the ravine for long minutes, seeking to unravel the secrets it concealed. That's when my eyes landed on a strange shape, a structure that stood in the shadow of the rocky walls.

Without hesitation, I decided to approach this mysterious construction. With caution, I followed a rocky path that snaked along the steep walls of the ravine. The heat was suffocating, and every step cost me a great deal of energy.

But my curiosity outweighed the fatigue. I finally reached the mentioned structure, a monumental entrance that opened into the bowels of the earth. Could this be the entrance to the city?

The ancient city, also of Gek First Spawn architecture, quickly tested my physical abilities.

Giant stone balls obstructed my path, and I had to exert all my strength to move them and continue on my way. The marks of time were visible on these ancient structures, but despite the centuries that had passed, they still appeared solid and robust.

As I wandered through the streets of the ancient city of Torovilla, my eyes were drawn to the imposing structure of the step pyramids. Their angular shapes seemed almost supernatural, emerging from the cliffs in a striking contrast.

I paused for a moment to observe the stone walls of the ancient city. Messages were inscribed on them, carved into the rock with impressive precision. I understood that these inscriptions must be significant, but I have not yet succeeded in deciphering their meaning.


The discovery of this garden in such a hostile environment was a genuine surprise for me. The ancient city that I am currently exploring continues to astonish me. It appears that force fields protect it, preserving this little oasis of greenery. But for now, I cannot help but admire the beauty of this garden in the middle of the desert.

No trace of the Atlas here. It's possible that the corruption of the sentinels has something to do with it. I imagined that the Void-Mother would not tolerate the presence of an Atlas on one of her planets.

I ventured into the temple that stood majestically in front of the grand pyramid of Torovilla. The interior was dark and dusty, but I could glimpse rays of light filtering through the cracks in the roof. The walls were adorned with ancient writings, recounting epic stories and legends of heroes.

But it was in a dark corner of the temple that I discovered something extraordinary: a stack of manuscripts yellowed with time.

As I perused the texts in search of information about the lost cities, I came across the chronicles of "Bibigun, the King's Jester"

At first, I thought these texts were incoherent, but I eventually found a common link among all the accounts: Emperor Alios the Rapacious. This was impossible!

I couldn't believe that I had stumbled upon writings about one of the most famous Firstborn emperors in the galaxy. And if these texts were true, it meant that I might have found his lost cities.

Here is the most important text:

Listen, good people, I shall recount to you
The tale of an emperor named Alios the Hawk,
Who was greedy and violent, always seeking to accrue
Wealth, treasures, in his vast cosmic walk.

But he had a desire greater than all the rest:
To conquer time and lengthen his years.
Thus, he sought means to manifest this quest,
Thinking nothing could hinder his reign without fears.

He discovered a wellspring of nanites, a rare technique,
That would grant him an eternal life to relish.
Without hesitation, he plunged in, lost and weak,
And drowned alone, unfulfilled, his ambitions perish.

His empire, his glory, all vanished from view,
Leaving behind a legend, a mystery untold,
And the rich treasures he so meticulously drew,
Abandoned and worthless, their value turned cold.

Such is the life of the greedy and proud,
Who strive to defy death, yet fail in their endeavour.
There is naught sadder, more futile, more shroud,
Than losing it all while grasping forever.

I fell into a cunning trap. The doors closed behind me. The temple in front of the grand pyramid holds me captive. Yet, thanks to my meticulous observations, I had noted the information engraved on the walls of the small pyramids throughout my journey. These clues have finally proven their usefulness, allowing me to decipher the century-old lock that held me prisoner.

Once outside, after a few steps, I stood still, frozen before the pyramid that opened up before me. The strange rumbling I had heard moments ago had ceased, and slowly, I realized that this ancient structure had been equipped with sophisticated mechanisms capable of moving and changing shape.

I cautiously advanced toward the newly appeared entrance, carefully scanning the surroundings. I entered the pyramid with prudence, ensuring that no harm awaited me.


I am now in possession of the second code fragment, found within the mysterious pyramid of Torovilla. I still don't know where these fragments will lead me, but I am certain that they hold the key to solving the enigma that has driven me this far.

I am amazed by what I have discovered in Bibigun's texts, but I am also aware that it raises many questions.

If the cities of Urbis Ruinas and Torovilla are indeed Alios's, then what awaits me at the other two addresses, Glakoppidum and Lacus Palacio?

And if I am on the trail of Alios, surely I won't be the only one seeking his treasures.

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