3 - Glakoppidum

Planet Kuma, Donquesta System, Euclid

The sentinels are firing on sight
Extreme negative temperature
Extreme storms
No sentinel pillar
No space station

After leaving the ruins of Torovilla, I traveled to the Donquesta system, where the planet Kuma is located.

The weather conditions on this planet are extreme, with storms occurring every 5 minutes and an average temperature of -130°C (-202°F, 143°K). Visibility is limited by the constant blizzard, making navigation extremely difficult.

Furthermore, the planet is mostly covered in oceans, with mountains emerging above the icy water. I am preparing to land on this inhospitable planet and face the many challenges that await me.

I was flying over the mountains that towered over the frozen ocean of Kuma when I spotted the strange silhouette of a ruined building. Only the tower remained visible, partially collapsed on its side, like a lighthouse defeated by the storm.

Immediately, I rushed out of my ship, eager to discover the secrets that this mysterious structure could hold.

However, as soon as I took a few steps, I came to a sudden halt. In front of me were three newly installed graves.

I immediately recognised the emblem of the pirate Louis Black-Eye, the same one whose officer I had "encountered". Three members of his crew had died here.

It was possible, then, that Louis Black-Eye was also searching for Alios' cities.

But how had he obtained the address of Glakoppidum in the first place? I had indeed paid one of his officers to obtain the address of Urbis, but the Vy'keen had never mentioned any other destinations.

I believed I was the only one who had found the trail of Alios. Naively, I had even imagined that the goodwill of Atlas, chance, or luck had allowed me to uncover the addresses of the lost cities.

Clearly, Louis Black-Eye possessed information that I did not. Or had he followed in my footsteps to this planet? Had the Vy'keen officer been captured and talked?

So many questions I had to answer to understand what was really going on.


As soon as I entered, I realised that I had fallen into a trap. The building stretched out into an intricate, impenetrable, and mysterious labyrinth.

The labyrinth is a real challenge for me. I have to be careful with every step I take, as traps can make me fall into the void at any moment.

I try to keep my cool and focus on my progress, but I can't help but think about the dizzying height I'm at. It's no wonder that pirates perished in these places.

After wandering for hours in the winding corridors of this icy labyrinth, I arrived at this room. The room was made of glass walls, revealing the void beneath my feet. I was struck by the hypnotic beauty of this architecture, but I didn't have much time to admire it. I had to open that metal door, which seemed to be the only way out of this room.


Back outside again. The blizzard pounds my face, the snow lashes my body. I am disoriented, desperately seeking shelter. A yellow light emerges in front of me. I head towards it, hoping to find refuge. The light guides my steps, leading me through the violent blizzard. I have no choice but to follow it, as I am unable to find my way alone.

I realised that the glowing floors were indicators to guide visitors through the snowstorms.

I remained cautious, knowing that danger could arise at any moment. The path eventually led to an ancient aqueduct, which appeared to be the water source for the city in the past.

I feel privileged to observe the city in ruins from the aqueduct. The panorama is breathtaking despite the raging snowstorm. The ruins, though buried under the snow, bear witness to the existence of a once-prosperous city.


But the city was not deserted. There was a massive eye that seemed to stare at me with an unsettling intensity.

I froze, unsure of what to do in the face of this surreal vision, before remembering that I must continue my quest. I take a deep breath, adjust my equipment, and set off.

As I approached, I realised that it was the famous Behemoth's Eye, as the legends speak of it. But something was off. The eye was, in fact, the heart of an Atlas. How had it ended up here, in the heart of the city?

I remember that in Urbis, I had already encountered a landed Atlas. How is this possible? Did Alios build his cities around these Atlas? Or did he attract them here? And how? Why?


Legends have always said that the tears of Behemoth had power, that they could "open a path for the valiant."

And I saw tears flowing from its single eye!

I didn't think it would be literal, but I witnessed the truth of these stories. The tears created a new path of lights in the ruins, indicating a direction to follow. I gathered my courage and followed the trail.


So, I relied on this purple luminous trail to advance through Kuma's ruthless blizzard. The gusts of icy wind almost causing me to lose my footing. I moved slowly, making sure not to lose sight of the purple glimmers that showed me the way to follow.

I firmly hold in my hand the third fragment of the code, the result of my efforts and perseverance.

Louis Black-Eye's pirates were here just a few days ago. I wonder what the pirates were searching for in Glakoppidum. Did they also find code fragments? Do they have a connection to Alios? Regardless, their presence here is concerning. The deadly traps in the ruins of the lost city don't forgive mistakes, even for the most seasoned pirates.

But I feel both amazed and frightened by the gaping eye of the Behemoth-Atlas, a giant and guardian of the secrets of the lost city.

My ship is now ready to take off, but I can't help but think about the mysterious presence of the Atlas here and in Urbis. I can't help but wonder what Alios might have done with them

The text I found in Torovilla speaks of a nanite well that grants eternal life. Is that what Alios was seeking by using the Atlas? Perhaps he needed their power to achieve his goal of living forever.

I still don't know the connection between the Atlas and the nanite well, but I will continue my research. For now, I must focus on my next destination: Lacus Palacio.

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