1 - Urbis Ruinas

Planet Urbis, Antiqua System, Euclid

sentinels shoot on sight

Seated in the bar of the stadium on the planet Resleyto Tau, in the Nawanis system, I was engaged in a conversation with a peculiar traveller, a Vy'keen mercenary whose evasive gaze and poorly maintained maw couldn't conceal the evident signs of a life filled with danger and ambushes.

He claimed to have seen, during a flyover of a planet, a massive structure worthy of a giant Atlas, buried deep within a steep ravine. His voice was hoarse, as if each word escaped his throat with infinite effort.

Once our discussion was over, I made sure to quench and bribe thank the Vy'keen Ensign with a primal grunt of "Grah ! qabgar! by Hirk! Grah!".

I couldn't let such information pass me by, so I noted down everything the traveller said in a weathered leather notebook, worn by time and travels.

I also managed to obtain the name of the system where the traveller had seen this structure: Dikalsa-Shde VI. He made me swear not to reveal anything, as his boss, Louis Black-Eye*, would kill him if he ever found out that we had consulted his master's cargo discovery records.

I went to the archives to learn more about the Dikalsa-Shde VI system. That's where I discovered that this system had been renamed Antiqua, and that little information was available about this unexplored region of the galaxy, the Cikrata, in the third quadrant of Euclid. I remember feeling, at that moment, an intense pulsation in my chest, a burning flame that awakened my senses and curiosity.

My fingers slid across the paper, scratching the pages with an urgency that betrayed the extent of my desire. The traveller had mentioned ancient ruins, stones shaped by a long-lost hand, stories buried under dust and centuries.

I don't yet know on which planet of the Antiqua system I will find these ruins, but I am confident that my instincts and exploration skills will guide me to the right destination. For now, I am ready to leave Resleyto Tau and embark on the discovery of the unknown.


After leaving the planet Resleyto, I spent several weeks aboard my spacecraft, traveling through the vastness of space. The stars were my only companions, and the silence of the Milky Way accompanied me throughout my journey.

Finally, after weeks of anticipation, the Antiqua system appeared before me, mesmerising my eyes. I embarked on a meticulous exploration, searching for a planet that could harbour the ruins I sought.


I was immediately struck by the beauty of the planet. It was an emerald green and deep blue, with fluffy white clouds floating above its atmosphere. However, the planet's beauty was in stark contrast to the aggression of the sentinels guarding it.

Upon landing, I could feel their hostile presence. It was so strong that I could see them patrolling in the air, searching for any foreign intrusion. Their appearance was robotic, with laser weapons and seemingly impenetrable energy shields.

Despite the hostility of the sentinels, I began exploring the planet in search of something of interest. I walked for hours through breathtaking landscapes, but the presence of the sentinels never left me. They seemed to be everywhere, their gaze scrutinising every move I made.

And yet, despite their omnipresence, I continued to explore, seeking something that would justify the risk I was taking. That's when I saw something that piqued my curiosity. In the distance, in a canyon, I caught a glimpse of something shiny, something that didn't seem to belong to the planet.

I started walking towards the canyon, and the sentinels seemed to grow more aggressive as I approached. I took out my multi-tool, ready to defend myself against anything that stood in my way. However, the sentinels turned out to be smarter than I initially thought. They had set a trap, and I fell into a deadly ambush.

I was forced to fight for my survival, using all the skills I had acquired to defeat my enemies. The sentinels seemed endless, their numbers never diminishing. Then, finally, they deactivated after killing their leader, a bipedal monster, revealing their nest.

As I walked through the winding alleys, I realised that I had reached a city of the Gek First Spawn: the architecture is typical. The narrow, winding streets are lined with stone buildings, with round roofs. Towering structures rise above the streets, casting shadows on the more modest buildings.


Today, I encountered a series of deadly traps as I explored the ruins of this planet. I noticed a pattern in the design of the ancient buildings - secret passages that lead to traps. I was fortunate to have a keen eye to spot them before they ensnared me.


I came across stone spheres today. They appeared out of nowhere and started rolling towards me. I had to run to avoid them. Luckily, I managed to dodge them and continued on my way through the ruins.


Today, I fell into a trap. I stepped on a tile that collapsed beneath my feet. I fell into a deep hole filled with sharp spikes. I was fortunate to grab onto a rock protrusion and climb back to the surface. I decided to be more cautious in the future and take my time to avoid any other potential traps.




I had interacted with the Atlas during my initiation, even learned a few words, but I had never seen one like this. Why is it here? "inhuredh"?

This land is truly unique, a wild and unpredictable beauty.

I have decided to name this planet "Urbis" in honour of the discovery of these ancient ruins that bear witness to the past greatness of this civilisation. As for the ruins themselves, I will call them "Urbis Ruinas" paying homage to their glorious past.

I fear my Latin may not do justice to these wonders, but it's the best I can do. I hope the ancient Romans are not turning in their graves upon hearing my poor Latin. Perhaps I should add a footnote: "All Latin errors are mine and mine alone."

The mystery of the Urbis Ruinas ruins has continued to captivate me since I set foot on this hostile planet. The aggressive sentinels, the deadly traps, and the clues left by the ancient inhabitants have sparked my curiosity.

I began to search every corner of the ruins for clues that could lead to solving the puzzle. After days of searching, I finally found an interesting lead. A series of locked doors stood before me, blocking the path to a new destination.

With infinite patience, I studied the doors from every angle. I tried to understand their workings, desperately searching for a solution to open them. And finally, through careful observation, I discovered a combination of symbols that turned out to be the key to unlocking the doors.

I hereby note the stellar address:

Planet Urbis, Antiqua System, Euclid

sentinels shoot on sight

Beyond the last door, the teleporter transported me to even more ancient ruins. There, I found a small library and a few valuable treasures. Reading the scrolls and ancient maps allowed me to find three stellar addresses. Three addresses that my flight computer recognised as "not yet discovered." Strange.

Evening fell on the ruins of Urbis as I inspected the remnants of this ancient city. My research had finally paid off: I had found three stellar addresses (Hector, Kuma, and Chunbg) and a fragment of code that opened up new possibilities.

I do not yet know where all this will lead me, but I am filled with newfound energy, a thirst for discovery that compels me to continue my intergalactic journey. I feel stronger, more capable than ever. 


I must set aside the Atlas puzzle of Urbis Ruinas for now. Perhaps we are not meant to understand intelligence like that of the Atlas. For now, I must admit my failure: I know nothing.

Tomorrow, I will soar towards Toro. My eyes are fixed on the future, and I am ready to face anything to uncover the secrets of the lost cities.

👽 Torovilla ➡️

* "Louis L'Œil-Noir", Louis Black Eye, /lwi‿lœj‿nwaʁ/